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 Captain's quarters

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Hinin Twilian


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PostSubject: Captain's quarters   Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:58 pm

He would be relaxing on the chair, reclining behind the desk with an irritated frown on his pale skinned face. His dark hair fell down into his face. The window behind him was open. Light shown through to reveal every strand of hair out of place on Hinin's head. He wore his normal squad seven third seat suit. He was supposed to be premoted by now. Unfortunately, no one seems to care anymore about rank. Rank is just a boring title. All the same, he wanted the captain rank. No one else was going for it either and so far, Hinin was more than eager to take the open spot. He let out a long soft sigh and sat back down on all fours of the chair's legs. The large wood desk had a purple mat in the middle of it with a black symbol of the squad seven sign. There was a jar or cup sitting at the corner of the desk with pens and pencles inside of it. There was a little note card with the words Taicho written on it. Hinin wouldn't neccisarily be in the captian's quarters but today was special. He was really bored and so far, no orders in or out of squad seven. Plus he didn't figure anyone would mind him being there due to the fact that the room didn't exactly belong to anyone yet. He wondered if the previous captain had left any sake under the table so he reached around for some sort of drawer then looked down, disappointed when all he found were cob webs.Why can't I get a little break every once in a while? His face almost looked sad but more of a bored annoyence of sad than just actual depression.
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Captain's quarters
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