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 Kurai's power (not complete)

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PostSubject: Kurai's power (not complete)   Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:15 pm

-General Info-

-Power's Name:Ice/snow manipulation

-Family: Ice/snow

-Type: elemental

-Medium: kuraiyama simply channels her energy through her body in order to use her power


-Release Phrase: freeze

-Power's Appearance: when kurai's power is activated. Her spiritual energy causes it to snow while her spiritual energy causes her to glow a pale blue color that sends cold shivers down ones spine.

-Power's Ability: Kurai has the power to manipulate snow and ice to her will.


Name:Frozen energy
Ability:kurai's spiritual energy can freeze her surroundings that are within a mile within her range as well as cause snow to fall.However it doesn't cause any damage to the enemy.
Cooldown/Duration:kurai keeps this going until she is either done fighting or is knocked out.

Name:ice knives
Ability: kurai can create shards of ice to form into small knives. She can either use this for close combat or she can use them for long tame combat by throwing them.The knives have the cutting ablility as a regular knife.
Duration:The knives can melt if enough heat is occured
Cooldown: she can only throw up to 8 knives each time and it takes 1 post to remake the knives.

Name: ice clones
Ability:kurai can create clones of herself or someone else that shed seen. made from ice and snow to confuse the enemy.They look just like her and share her skill in hand to hand combat.
Duration: she can only create up to 5 clones in total
Cooldown:the clones shatter after 6 posts.

Name:limb regeneration
Ability:kurai can form limbs from snow and ice to attach to the stump of the missing limb. The snow and ice then are fused together with her spiritual energy while copying her DNA.Making it seem like she never lost a body part. She can even use this to seal wounds such as gashes or cuts.she can also do the same with her allies
Duration:She cannot heal damaged organs.
Cooldown:Takes her 4 posts to be able to reuse this technique.

Name:ice barrier
Ability: kurai can form an ice sphere within 10 feet around her. Protecting her from physical or weapon based attacks.
Duration:The barrier can protect kurai from a regular cero or Baala however it shatters right after.Or if her opponents spiritual energy is strong enough to break it.
Cooldown:She can keep the barrier up for 3 posts until it shatters

Name:blizzard cage attack
Ability: a blizzard swirls around the enemy and closes in on them. Encasing the person in a block of ice.
Duration:Those with captain or lieutenant level based spiritual pressure can only be contained for about 2 posts nothing more.
Cooldown:Depending on the spiritual pressure, if the person has captain or lieutenant level spiritual energy they just remain forzen for 2 posts before their spiritual energy can shatter it. However anyone lower can be frozen for twice as long.


-Evolved Power-
[[Reserved for Elite Superhumans, unless it is trained for.]]

-Instance of Evolution:

-Evolution Appearance:

-Evolution Ability:


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Kurai's power (not complete)
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