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Enter the world of the Living and the Dead. Join the Shinigami and help to decide the fate of the Soul Society; or join the others and rebuild your race.
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 accidental murder in hopes of no shinigami

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Ulquiorra Schiffer


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PostSubject: accidental murder in hopes of no shinigami   Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:09 am

Walking around and looks down at inocent dead corpses lying on the ground(that i killed)It looks as if they are all arrancar without a hollow peice.I am waiting hoping that nothing that is stronger than 20 points comes. Is ready to open a gate to get away if someone too powerful comes to invade. The sky is red with a few clouds. The building are in ruin from the side affects of my attacks and attemps to kill the innocent. this is not like me i wondered. why was i so tempted to kill all these innocent people. That is why i hope no shinigami attacks that is angrey and is over 20 points. I stand in relief seeing that there is no shinigami or life in sight so far. Saying to myself with no shikai or bankai i hope i can earn the peice between my new next rival. Falls to his knees and hopes that at least one arrancar or espada would come to his aid if there was a very powerful shinigami about to attempt to attack him. He was wondering would this be it, would this be the end of ulquiorra schiffer. Suddenly he got angrey screaming out loud ''I AM NOT GOING TO DIE''. He was surprised because he did not fully know if that was his full power. He thought to his self it felt like it.
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accidental murder in hopes of no shinigami
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