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 Cow Pokers

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PostSubject: Cow Pokers   Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:33 pm

True Story: Working construction (near Tombstone , Arizona) my work partner "Joe" is telling tales about "Pete". Joe says "You know old Pete did time in prison for cattle rustling" I answer "Yea I heard. That its kind of amazing that cattle rustling still exists." Joe: "When the day is over and we go to the change shack ask Pete for instructions on how to have sex with a cow." Me: "NO WAY!! I've heard of beastiality but with a cow? You're setting me up. That can't exist !" Later at the change shack Joe calls out to Pete: "My partner wants you to tell him how to get it on with a cow" Before I can say anything Pete is laying out instructions involving cattle gates and ropes and avoiding getting fertilized by manure. I won't go into any more details. I say to Joe "Man that is gross!" Joe says to Pete " I saw a good looking herd of Hefers in Dragoon Canyon on the way to work this morning. Lets stop off there on the way home and get a little." Pete says "Nah, I'm not horny at all right now." Joe says "Well wait till you see these cows!!!!!"

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Cow Pokers
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