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 His family returned to California

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PostSubject: His family returned to California   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:17 pm

n and his family returned to California, where he practiced law and wrote a bestselling book, Six Crises.[44] It recorded his political involvement as a congressman, senator and vice president and used six different crises Nixon had experienced throughout his political career to illustrate his political memoirs. The work won praise from many policy experts and critics. It also found a favorable critic in Mao Zedong, who referred to the book during Nixon's visit in 1972.[61]
Local and national Republican leaders encouraged Nixon to challenge incumbent Pat Brown for Governor of California in the 1962 election.[44] Despite initial reluctance, Nixon entered the race.[44] The campaign was clouded by public suspicion that Nixon viewed the governorship as a political "stepping-stone" to a higher office, some opposition from the far-right of the party, and his own lack of interest in being California's governor.[44] He lost to Brown by nearly 300,000 votes.[44] This loss was widely believed to be the end of his career;[44] in an imp

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His family returned to California
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