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  Reply with quote Is R9 driver doomed to loss to R11 ?

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PostSubject: Reply with quote Is R9 driver doomed to loss to R11 ?    Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:14 pm

Compare with the R11 driver, the R9 is a older driver of Taylormade. As a older driver, the R9 of course don't have the advanced technology and design like the R11 driver, the R11 driver has been famous on the market, so does it mean the R9 driver can be beat by the R11 , then disappear from the market ? Golf Clubs For Sale The fact told me what I guess is wrong, the R9 driver is also famous on the market , maybe it can't be more famous than R11, but it can be as famous as the R11. So even the new driver occupied the market, there is still some room for the old R9 driver. Do you want to know why the R9 driver can be so magic ?

The Taylormade R9 driver is named as the ultimate in adjustability with a claimed 75 yards in left to right movement, so the R9 driver owns the good flight control technology to allow golfers to change the face angle,loft and like, and the R9 is able to optimize to fit every golfer's swing, Online Golf Clubs and low to high handciapper, whether you are average golfers or professional golfers or handicappers, the R9 driver can bring more and more improvement to your golfers. I also think the R9 driver may keep on the market long time.

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Reply with quote Is R9 driver doomed to loss to R11 ?
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