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 Northampton mental health nurse 'wept' at groping claims

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PostSubject: Northampton mental health nurse 'wept' at groping claims   Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:00 am

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* Mental health nurse 'grope' claim

A Northampton mental health nurse accused of groping patients has told a committee that he wept when he read the allegations against him.

David Omolayo Ayoola Ajayi is facing 16 misconduct charges including paying a patient for sexual favours.

He told the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) committee the allegations were a fabrication.

He denies the charges, which relate to when he worked at Westwood Lodge from 2006 to 2008.

Referring to a number of allegations from a woman known as Resident H, he told a conduct and competence committee hearing: "I say categorically before God and man, it never happened.

"I shed tears when I read it, it's damaging."
Cigarettes and sherry

The committee has heard claims he touched the patient inappropriately on four occasions, and had kissed her on the lips.

She also claims that he carried out a lewd act and paid her £2, and on another occasion gave her cigarettes and a drink of sherry.

Mr Ajayi told the committee: "She says that I gave her £2 to kiss her.

"I'm an African, not a white man. In Africa you show your love with kisses and you only kiss your wife."

He asked the committee to tell him what sherry is, receiving the answer "a fortified wine".

Mr Ajayi said: "I don't drink alcohol, I left alcohol in 1981, and never went back to it."
'Based on fantasy'

A patient known as Resident G has claimed that on a number of occasions Mr Ajayi touched her inappropriately through her clothing.

Mr Ajayi said: "I never once entered her bedroom on my own. G has never been alone with me. That is a true picture of the situation, in fairness to God."

He added that allegations made by Resident A, who claims he touched her inappropriately, was "based on a fantasy" as she wanted a "sexual attachment" to him.

He also denied a claim that he became involved in a fight with Resident F.

He has admitted he failed to document that Resident A exposed her breasts to him; signed for medication for Resident B which was not prescribed for administration on his shift, and failed to document that he disconnected Resident E's feeding tube.

An allegation he dishonestly recorded that a district nurse had visited Resident E has been found not proved, along with claims that he made inappropriate comments to Resident E after he had soiled himself.

The hearing was adjourned until Tuesday.

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Northampton mental health nurse 'wept' at groping claims
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