Arrancar Dynasty

Enter the world of the Living and the Dead. Join the Shinigami and help to decide the fate of the Soul Society; or join the others and rebuild your race.
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Endangered vertebrates include the crested argus, the Asian black bear, the yellow-cheeked gibbon, and lignum aquilariae, along with several other species yet to be listed that are thought to survive in small numbers, protected only by the pristine wilderness.
Stone steps lead adventuresome tourists to 18th century Linh Ung Pagoda, which houses ancient documents about the temple’s history and boasts a 30m tall statue of Buddha.
French wine cellars built during the colonial period which are still used for aging the locally grown products, are another attraction. Wine-tasting tours are popular with many visitors.
Suoi Mo (Mo Stream) near the magical Thach Tien Waterfall is another favourite spot for tourists during muggy summer days. Mist created by the waterfall looks like “fairy hair”.
The Ba Na area has many facilities, including villas, hotels, restaurants, tennis courts, and many other services. Most impressive is the new cable car that links the Ba Na Peak to Mo Stream. Strung between 22 pillars, its 94 cars can carry 1,500 people on a wonderful journey through the jungle.
People often call the unspoiled environment of Ba Na “Green Fairy”, for it provides a great opportunity for visitors to Da Nang to savor the jungle and enjoy an unforgettable experience among the clouds.
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