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 A wide range of LED applications

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PostSubject: A wide range of LED applications   Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:39 pm

A wide range of LED applications

Reporters learned from the Beijing Municipal Development led tube light and Reform Commission, Beijing Municipal Government, the green LED Tube project to give financial support for the government to determine the energy efficiency projects, to guide investment capital of 20 million, fully reflects the requirements of public finance and to rural areas, public utilities tilt guide. Specific measures include: enterprises and institutions, 30 percent of government subsidies, user self-70%; of eight urban and suburban areas close to 900 schools, 60 percent of government subsidies, the district raised 40%; and for outer suburbs County, more than 1,100 primary and secondary schools, funding the government resolved. Use the "green light", the energy-saving effect. Beijing Park son Shopping Centre, before the outdoor lighting profile 15-watt led bulbs incandescent light, bright enough to replace large, replacement of 100 or so a week. Replacing energy-saving lamps, the brightness increased, replacement frequency is substantially reduced. People's Liberation Army General Hospital, the original lighting products for total procurement of 47 million, to participate in green lighting project in Beijing", the T5 led tube lights source to reduce to $ 220,000 total procurement cost savings. Beijing Green Lighting Project" was originally all from more than 50 government agencies began to put energy-saving lamps. From November 2004 to August 2005, the installation of nearly 24 million efficient lighting products and lighting Saver 98 units, the annual total saving of about 20.5 million kwh, the annual electricity savings of 16.4 million guan.
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A wide range of LED applications
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