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 Heart of the Healer-not complete

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PostSubject: Heart of the Healer-not complete   Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:06 am

Name: Bara Kusabana

Nick name/ alias: Shifter

Rank: Elite

Race: Quincy

Physical Age: 21

Real Age: near 5000

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Weight: 115 lbs


Physical Appearance: Bara has soft pale-milk colored skin. Bara has silver eyes that illuminate in the night and spirals in a constant circle during daylight. Bara's feature are very soft, delicate, and magesticly beautiful. Bara is the most beautiful girl in the whole world and never blemishes her skin with makeup for she says that makeup makes u fake. Bara has a permanent painting (not a tattoo) of the aviendhra , the tree of life on her back. Bara has a tattoo of twinkling stars with ancient unknown symbols on Bara's neck. Bara's features completely put every male that she passes in a trance and can control them with her blessing from Aphrodite ( not a tech. my character's looks match only to her's).

Clothing: Bara wears a royal snow-white kimino that has flower sympols all over the rims of the cuffs and the lapels. Bara has a black ribbon that she wraps around her snow-white hair.

Personality: Bara has a very quant personality. Bara has a soft mentality and loves life, for eternal love is her dream. Bara holds herself like a queen and has a royal grace that she leaves on the world in every step.

Traits: Bara crushes on every human being that she meets. Bara is extremely bubbly. Bara loves to make her personality look better than every body elses.

Bara's mother Yushie Kusabana was a super-human and one of the most powerful of the past. Yushie had the ability to create plagues and control viruses. Yushie was immune to the effects from viral and plague outbreaks so she had the life expectancy of a person from the future (25 century). Yushie was the leader of ancient clan of powerful super-humans, though most members were not related by blood they were allowed in with open hands. The clan lived in a castle that was located in the ocean and has a long lifewood bridge (lifewood never rots, decays, and or falls apart. Only wood-master-super-humans and shape the lifewood into structures, bridges, weapons, etc.) Back to Yushie, Yushie had a lot of power, her abilities and her role in clan politics.

Yushie met a man named

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Posts : 5
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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the Healer-not complete   Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:26 am

RP Sample - Old writting project... i had spent a lot of time editing, to be its grandest.... and yes it has a warcraft zing
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Heart of the Healer-not complete
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