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 Rules on Bows

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Kenta Talia
Gouryoku Hanshin-Leader-

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PostSubject: Rules on Bows   Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:00 am

Final Form:

Rules in making Techs:
You only get 4 (6 for elites) techs for this form, and they are only able to be used once.

-Final Form will cause a loss of your Quincy Powers,

To regain your powers you must:
- post 45 times and be in at least 1 topic
- then train with a leader to regain your powers, in an IC topic.
- After all this make an evolved bow.

You gain points as you post, these points judge how many techniques you get:

1-99 points: 2 techs
100-199: 3 techs
200-299: 4 techs
300-399: 5 techs.... and so on... you can add more techs as your points go up.

If anymore come up, I ask admins and mods to PM me about them or just post them here

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Rules on Bows
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