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 Masaki's Template(finished)

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PostSubject: Masaki's Template(finished)   Thu Nov 12, 2009 5:03 pm

Name:Masaki Cross (Name)(Call him Masaki[/b]

Nick name/alias:Masa (optional)

Rank:Regular (Regular or Elite?)

Age:330 (Real age.)

Visual age:20 (how old your character looks like)

Ex-Division:5th (your old division when you were still a shinigami)

Gender:male (Male or Female?)

Picture: (Something to represent your character's appearance.) [OPTIONAL]

Physical Appearance:Has red hair,height is about 1.83 meters (what your characters looks like.)

Clothing:Wears blue long pants,a short navy blue coat with a white T-shirt underneath (What does your character typically wear, or not wear?)

Traits:Likes to drink,often getting drunk.Speaks old English from the king Arthur stages from time to time.

Personality:Very active,can't sit down for a minute.However,when his hollow kicks in,He becomes very serious and has the strategy thinking of zhu ge liang. (Self explanatory)

Background/History:Masaki was born in west Rukongai. Like most poor souls he fought for his survival. This usually included food and a good place to sleep. From the beginning he was alone. He was never a people person and had trouble making friends. He denied himself a makeshift family and wandered the streets endlessly. Finally after realizing his reiatsu, Souzai decided to become a shinigami. At the age of twenty he entered the academy. By age twenty five he graduated with a seat in the 5th squad. After a short ten years he advanced to the rank of third seat. He spent his entire life almost serving soul society. Day after day he fought hollow. His entire way of life was that of combat. Over a hundred years passed like this without any serious problems.

Upon a routine mission to earth, he came upon a vasto lorde. He battled the beast with every ounce of his being. Already bloody and beaten from minor hollow, it seemed his doom was unescapable. The Vasto Lorde went to strike to the final blow. A powerful red light lit up the sky from its incredible cero. Without any proper means of defence,Masaki simply raised his blade like that of a shield.The cero shattered his zanpakto in two. Badly injured but still alive, Souzai did the last thing he could. He forced his body to move against its will. He held what was left of his Zanpaktou firmly and thrust it into the brutes mask. Thinking this his final act, Souzai prepared himself to enter the void. However when the blade made contact Souzais Zanpaktou repaired itself. The hollow seemed to dissapear.

Masaki was not capable of explaining what happened. Despite his injuries he was ressucitated by the 4th squad captain. A few years passed and souzai was still clueless as to what had transpired. He often found himself feeling strange emotions and urges that were not his own. Upon a fateful encounter with a rouge shinigami, a power was released he never knew he had. A hollow mask appeared and he obliterated his opponent. This memory was weak and faded in later times. It was as if he was looking through the eyes of someone elses body. A whitness shinigami reported this incident to the captain-commander. Upon word of what happened Masaki was sentenced to death.

Afraid and angry Masaki took off into the real world. He needed to discover what had transpired that fateful day. He decided he would learn to harness this power. After all it scared the Gotei 13 so bad that they would execute him for it. Almost thirty years has passed and he still does not have any real clue what happened. He has his theories but without some sign of proof he can never know for sure. :
(History of your life, becoming a shinigami and gaining your hollow)

(P.s.,Zhuge Liang was a very famous strategist who served under the emperor Liu Bei in the Han dynasty.And I did not copy Hasaki.I just merely use the name Masaki.Thats all.)
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Masaki's Template(finished)
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