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 Kikui Ruriko

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Kikui Ruriko


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PostSubject: Kikui Ruriko   Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:13 am

Name: Kikui Ruriko

Nick name/alias: KiKi

Rank: Regular

Age: 123

Visual Age: 16

Gender: female

Division: 11th division

Personality: Kiki is a very happy girl, and loves to laugh, she often does those girly stuff, however, when it comes to fighting she likes to play with her prey, until the final moment. Kiki likes to dance,sing,laugh, and is a total boy crazy girl. she is somewhat a prep, and yet, somewhat emo, she can be depressed at one minute and be incredibly happy the next. Kiki is rather emotional.


Physical Appearance: Kiki has a very slim body, has light brown hair that stops halfway down her neck, has gorgeous sage blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and an awesome body, medium sized clevage. but thats enough for anybody to want her.

Clothing: Kiki likes to wear a black miniskirt, i tight shirt, some striped arm cover glove thingys, and sometimes a small bandana on her head, she wears some school uniform hoes and thats about it.

Traits: she can turn into a white with black spotted kitten which looks like this :

Kiki was born in the karakura district after her parents married, she was well cared for since she was their only child. sometimes even spoiled. when Kiki was one years old, her father left her mother, and the mother decided to kill herself out of desperation for love, after that a local orphanage took her in, where she worked hard for ruthless wardens and stuff. this didn't make sence to kiki because she was only three years old, and she was the heartthrob of the orphanage, she was always drooled over by boys, some on occasion stalking her into the shower rooms, where she beat the shit out of them.

Kiki was about six years, old, and was entered into school, there there was nothing but more boys that drooled over her. this sometimes got annoying to her. but it was the last straw when one of them grabbed her ass, she kicked him in the nuts and ran back to the orphanage, only to be beaten by the warden. this continued for three years, making kiki a more depressed person than she needed to be.

When kiki was nine years old, she entered the third grade, the boys hung off her for a while for fear they might be castarated in their sleep with a crowbar. Kiki was getting massive grades in math, science and physics, and had huge amounts of grades in PE, only cuz she was a friggin kendo master. This pleased the warden at the orphanage who let her decorate her room with whatever she wanted. within hours there were posters of boys on every corner of the wall.

When kiki was twelve, she had her first boyfriend, who treated her lik a godess, she laughed a lot aroud him, cuz he was really funny. but after a date, a mugging occured with the two after returning to the orphanage. and he gave his life for her, she grieved his death for weeks, constantly crying, constantly being picked on. This made her seem emolike, and she began to cut herself out of depression.

at the age of fourteen, kiki at last found a new boyfriend, and was treated again like a goddess, they had a succesful relationship for two years until a tragic incident in a car crash, while kiki died, her boyfriend did not.

As kiki's soul was being sucked out of her, she ended up in an area full of boxes, and a strange person came out of nowhere, "Find the box, and you will have eternal living." before she slowly faded. there were spirit ribbons all over the place, except one was red she liked the color red. so she opened the box, a large sword came to her, and the womans voice yet again said, "Pull me out!" and kiki did, and found herself in the slums of the seretei, rukongai, she went threw the gates and entered the academy, gaining exquisite scores in kido class, but didnt have the best scores in sword fighting. After perhaps a hundred and ten long years passed taining hard and well, and she applied for the third seat of the 11th division. and she was approved, now she hunts hollows, arrancar and espada to this day.
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Dage Shibo

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PostSubject: Re: Kikui Ruriko   Sun Nov 15, 2009 5:46 am

approved oddly for the 11th.
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Kikui Ruriko
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