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 Apache's app ( not complete)

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PostSubject: Apache's app ( not complete)   Mon Nov 23, 2009 4:12 am

Name: Apache

Nick name/ alias: doesn't matter

Rank: regular


Age: 15

Gender: female

Height: 5,7

Weight: 90 pounds


Physical Appearance: she has a rich Carmelle skin, short reddish brown spiky hair , she has emerald green eyes, and a beautiful face,even though she's petite, she has a slender and graceful body with a tattoo of a golden serpent on her back which makes her desirable,she also has soft pink lips, and perfect sized breasts.

Clothing: baggy pants, t-shirt,and sneakers, sometimes wears a black skirt

Personality: she is a laid back smartass in general, but if she feels threatened, she becomes over confident and sort of a hothead she hates being called short but wont go about killing people she'll simply either lash out at the person or will just ignore them. She is nice and humorous near friends and family and protective of them too. she is desired by many and she knows it but she will never brag about it, she enjoys company.and she has a passion for music, sex, and sports.she has quarrels and fights with the soul reaper, Ichisake Hideyoshi, whom she saved from an arrancar.

Traits: Dislikes: people who judge her size, bad music, and people who think that there better than everyone else.

Likes: sex, sports, and music

Crushes: anybody that's nice and shares her interests

Background/History: Apache was born a gifted child, she has a single mom that has never married again since the day that her father was killed in a car crash. she had two older brothers that were very smart but didnt like to be out-smarted and she was pretty much a normal kid, then one day at the age of 10 her grandfather came to visit the family, she was very excited, for she loved her grandfather very much, the three weeks that they had was pretty peaceful, and then as she and her grandfather walked back from the market. she heard a roar, she noticed that her grandfather stiffened, then he slowly pulled out this charm, with a sudden green light, a beautifully crafted bow appeared in his hands, then without warning, a huge monstrous being came crashing through a building, her grandfather disappeared and reappeared on the monster's head, then he shot the creature down with light green arrows, the monster wailed and disappeared. wide eyed in fear, apache questioned her grandfather who admitted that he was a quincy, and that monster that they had ran into was a hollow he told her everything about the soul reapers and arrancars and ect, and then he told her that she was a quincy as well, he trained her for five years after that.She never killed anything with her bow yet, until one fateful day, she heard a release phrase and the sound of lightning coming from the forest as she was walking home from school, she ran into the woods and gasped, she saw a girl in a shinigami robe that her grandfather had described, and she realized that this girl was somewhere along the age of 13, and what astonished her most was that as she called her release phrase she was just in time to see the young girl's blade transform into a long 4 foot long blade with a jagged edge , and a blue design in the middle of it, with a little bit of an electric current surrounding the sword, Apache looked into the girl's electric blue eyes, in truth they terrified her. she pulled her bow, about to shoot her, when she noticed that she was attacking the hollo
RP sample:

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Apache's app ( not complete)
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