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 Melchor Navaez

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Melchor Navaez


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PostSubject: Melchor Navaez   Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:51 am

Name: Melchor Navaez

Rank: Elite

Age: 168

Visual Age: 17

Gender: male


Appearance: Mel has rather long hair that stops at his shoulders and bangs that usually hangs over his eyes. He is a good six foot tall, slightly pointed chin and has violet eyes. He has an above average body build.

Clothing: normal arrancar uniform, except lets it hang open at the bottom allowing his lower abs show.

Mask fragment location: Mel's hollow mask resides on his right shoulder and streches across his shoulder blades.

Hollow Hole location: in the middle of his chest

Personality: Mel is a very cool guy in a way, usually having a slight evil smirk across his face. He is very serious and quiet, but does like to have fun in fighting and other activities. he usually likes to hang around los noches or the rukongai every once in a while. he likes to keep his sword at the ready and usually never takes it off his waist unless he really feels safe. He is very ruthless in battle and flirtatious with girls.

Traits: hates assholes xD. loves girls and fighting.


Life Arc: Mel was born in mexico doring the spanish civil war, he progressed through life in mexico city, attaining school and martial arts classes, when he was five, he created a gang. Where they were helping the people and fought against the governtment, Mel always thought it was fair to have a second chance. They usually fought against pimps and police, they even put some money for his head. but he and his gang of three hundred were ever the more stronger than them.
As he aged into the state of his early teens, he was arrested and put in jail for felanous assaults and rape, both which he didn't do....well, maybe the felanous assaults. but he only did it for the peoples pleasure.
After a godd four years in prison, usually getting in prison fights and stuff like that. He was summoned to an execution, and was executed at the age of sixteen.
Plus soul arc: When Mel was a plus soul, he wandered the fields of jalepeno in mexico, his friends were the only ones who could see him, they talked to him all the time. Until one night, a hollow came to their meeting, and in order to save his friends he sacrificed himself to the beast, but he conquered its body for himself.
Hollow arc: As he wandered the harsh plains of mexico, but found a way to get to the country of japan, where he began to devour souls in mass amounts there, killing some shinigami as well. He did this for a hundred and fifty years, before on day, he was summoned to los noches.
Arrancar Arc: As the leader espada walked to him, Mel bowing in reverance, he reached down and grabbed his hollow mask, and tore it clean off, leaving the only parts left on his shoulders. The pain was excruciating. And he layed on the ground screaming, until he finally got over the pain and examined himself, the leader tossed him a set of arrancar clothing. and he got dressed. he looked exactly the same as he did when he was alive, which was a rather long time.

Innate Ability: Is able to move at speeds up to mach three

RP sample:

Mel was at the rukon district, the invasion was about to begin. As he smirked evilly upon the great embark he was facing, he turned around to his army of hollows and drew his zanpokto, it was rather long, but lightweight and featherlike, he pointed it towards the wall of the seretei and yelled,"Charge." and the swarm of hollows rampaged throughout the slums, devouring and overrunning shinigami at every doorstep. He smirked as he sonido'd around, cutting someone down and devouring them, very refreshing.
His purple hair flew with him as he sonido's, looking slightly like a madman as he stopped. His zanpokto gleamed in he sunlight.
Oh, how i do love the hunt, so beautiful and precious..., he thought to himself as he cut down another soul and devoured them, i feel as if i am in my young hollow days in the karakura district...
About thity meters away, he saw an upcoming attack from a spiritual pressure rather high, he smirked as he knew that was going to be opponent. He licked his lips, still tasting the souls he had devoured two minutes earlier as the person sliced through the hollows. he sonido'd before him and slashed at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Melchor Navaez   Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:21 am

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Melchor Navaez
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