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 Kazuma Izumi

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Kazuma Izumi

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PostSubject: Kazuma Izumi   Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:31 am

Name: Kazuma Izumi

Nick name/alias: Black Petal

Rank: Elite

Age: 119

Visual Age: 16

Gender: Male

Division: Kido Corps

Personality: Kazuma is a very shy person, usually sticking to corners of a room or in the shadows. Although he has a rather heartbreaking appearance, really cute and boy like. When he is with his friends or family, he is rather playful and kind, and even talkitive. He admires his siblings kouka and kiniko, but does not fully understand why they fight so much, he understood why, in a way, kouka being a vizard, but they were family, and they shouldn't fight over each other. He is merciless in battle.


Physical Appearance: Kazuma has blue hair that flows to his shoulder blades, he usually ties it in a pony tail. he stands at a good six foot tall. he has broad shoulders and an above average body build. he has slightly tanned skin and thin lips. he also has a pentacle symbol tatooed to his right shoulder.

Clothing: Kazuma likes to wear black jeans and a black dress shirt, with a red tie. he has a white belt and his small captains jacket to wear.

Traits: Likes: Playing, Fighting, Conversations, Girls. Dislikes: Enemies, Weak Enemies, and his siblings conflicts.

The child, the child who lived his infant years in his parents blood. As Kiniko stood above her family's bodies, laughing evilly, a child, small and unnoticed, seeked life inside his parents corpses, still feeding off his mothers breasts, until he was fully grown into a toddler. At this age, the superhumans were in the karakure district searching for recruits.
He was raised by a wealthy superhuman family. Who loved him dearly. They fed him, clothed him, educated him. What was a family for. However, the superhumans were not his family, as they told him when he was at the age of twelve. This troubled him for many nights. He wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat. And he at last, one night, snuck out.
As he embarked on the quest ahead of him, he needed to search for his siblings, and, if still alive, his parents.
He wandered vast country, miles and miles and miles of it. Day and night, eating little, and drinking even less. He stopped in towns and searched houses, occupied and unoccupied. Usually encountering hostile residents. Until, at the age of sixteen, a towns militia put him to death for the crime of vandlism of property.

The soul, the poor soul that left the body, mutilated and bloody, crowds cheering in spite of his death. This angered Kazuma greatly, the hate and rage and misunderstanding turned him into an uncapable soul reaper. This sent him to the Soul society and he entered the famous Soul Reaper Academy. Graduating after a good hundred years of training. Leaving as the lieutenant of the Kido Corps.
As a new and inexperienced lieutenant, angered the shinigami of the Kido Corps greatly. After consulting to the captain, the captain was slightly disturbed by his mens behavior towards his lieutenant. He merely pushed off the subject and told them that the lietenant is the lieutanant, and that was that.
Sadly, in the secon battle of seretei, and on the ninety fourth year of lieutenantship, the captain of the kido corps was killed in a glorious fight to the death with an espada, and Kazuma took his place.
He is now the captain of the kido corps, fighting alongside his fellow soldeirs and resisting against the arrancar. And he fights for his family, his life, and for his mens.

RP sample:
(163 years before)

As Kazuma enterd the training grounds for kido and hado training. he could hear the sounds of men muttering incantations of spells, he merely smirked, because he loved the sight of the light of the spells blasting across the courtyard to destroy the targets upon impact.
Kazuma was in the uniform of the male soul reaper academy student. his blue hair stood out in the crowd ahead of him, everyone muttering to themselves about him. This puzzled Kazuma,
What could they possibly be talking about, he asked himself in his wondering mind.
As he walked slowly through the crowd, they parted before him, his zanpokto at his side was at the ready for easy handling, an unnatural breeze blew through his hair. He walked up to his instuctor and asked, "Sir, might i ask what spells we shall be learning or reviewing today?"
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PostSubject: Re: Kazuma Izumi   Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:18 pm

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Kazuma Izumi
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