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 Yuna Korosu

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Yuna Korosu

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PostSubject: Yuna Korosu   Sun Jan 31, 2010 10:23 am

Name: Yuna Korosu

Rank: regular

Age: 117 years

Visual Age: 18

Gender: female

Appearance: Yuna has pale skin with short dark brown hair that barely raches her shoulders. her eyes are a brown/hazel color with a tint of red when twilight comes.

Clothing: Yuna wears a black and red kimono, a red and black ribbon winding around her waist.

Mask fragment location: around her right eye, making the color of the eye look red.

Hollow Hole location: stomach, thats why she wears the ribbon around her waist and stomach.

Personality: Yuna is independant, outgoing, and mostly always stubborn.

Traits: For some reason Yuna loves apples, hates preppy people, and always has a note book with her.

History: Yuna's life was fairly good before dieing at 18. Though her parents were divourced, Yuna was still happy. Untill the day of her birthday; While walking home from a party, Yuna was kidnapped by sapoosably an old friend of hers and brutally murdered. Now Yuna barely talks, only speaking when she is spoken to and doing what her supieriers say when need be.

Innate Ability: to have lightning spark across her body when needed.
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Yuna Korosu
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