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 Putus Animus

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Kenta Talia
Gouryoku Hanshin-Leader-

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PostSubject: Putus Animus   Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:19 pm

-General Info-

-Power's Name: Putus Animus

-Family: Melee (With the proper control ti can take on any type.)

-Type: Neutral (Reishi/Reiatsu)

-Medium: The dog tags that he constantly wears.

*Note this ability is a constant release type, in it’s natural state, but Mesuruki has managed to contain it, using the dog tags. If at any point the dogs tags were destroyed, he would enter a release state with a quarter more power, something he can only maintain for 6 posts.


-Release Phrase: Orior Oriri Ortus , Putus Animus

-Power's Appearance: 

Not much changes, besides a golden glow seems to haunt his body ever so lightly. When the reishi is collect a golden aura surrounds the users hands. It is said to greatly resemble a cero.

-Power's Ability:
The ability, it’s self is rather simple as Mesuruki has an extremely pure reishi content. He collects this reishi as a focal point which in this case happens to be his hands, an aura of reishi collects over them, allow attacks to have additional strength and giving him the ability to fire off reishi composed shots, similar to that of cero.

Some important aspects of this ability are:

-The high Reishi content is similar to that of pluses, attracting hollows. Surprisingly consumption of this substance is beneficial for spiritual creatures.

-When one is hit by the reishi orb, it is like being hit by any other reishi flame.

-The limits on the Discharge of the reishi orbs are as follows

After five shots the user must enter a four post cool down, preventing any shots from being fired. (With out the dog tags, the time for both double, 10 shots, 8 post cool down.)

- Bending the reishi into weapons and such is difficult and a considerable waste of time, it takes 1 post to create a weapon/shield that only lasts for 3 posts and can not be activated again for 4 posts. (Without the dog tag the times are, 2 post charge, 6 post duration, 8 post cool down.)

-Evolved Power-

-Instance of Evolution: 


-Evolution Appearance: 


In this form, His appearance, does not change wholly. Though his hair falls away into a silvery seen, that falls flat upon his head, unlike his narutrally messy hair. Mezu’s eye gain a red glow that fully takes over the gleam in his eyes, in turn completely changes the color of his eye’s to the beastly color of a devil. Finally, his right arm becomes warped in reishi, which takes the form of an unsavory hollow like appendage.

-Evolution Ability:
All of the previous abilities follow over into this form along with a new devastating ability. The ability will stated as a spirit particle collection, in which by the will of the user spirit particles will be attracted to the user, weaken the person they are being drawn from around and leave a explosion that occurs 2 posts latter in the area they have been dragged to.

Important aspects are:

-By a constant 6 post contact to a person, they can be completely torn into simple spirit particles (7 posts for living beings.)

-By exerting collection for 7 straight posts the user may open up a dimensional rift, the dimension it opens up into is different each time, shall be chosen by one of the other topic members. (Can not be used in a situation, where the user is fighting.)

NOTE, this form only lasts for 7 posts before entering a 16 post cool down.

******Discharge****- after the usage of reishi collection, the remaining particles root themselves into the easiest location, meaning the most open spiritual being. The same will occur with Mesuruki’s extra particles when he dies, expected they will root into the most aware human, forcing a power up and an ascension if it had not already occurred. This person will eb named his heir.

*Note, do to the nature of the ability the first 3 techs have been surrendered, if more points need be subtracted. I will consider it.

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Reikon Hanpa


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PostSubject: Re: Putus Animus   Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:00 pm

Ehh... I'm not sure I understand it 100%, but it seems alright. I'll approve it; you know how to use it right, I trust.
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Putus Animus
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