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 Training Rules

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Reikon Hanpa


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PostSubject: Training Rules   Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:37 am

-For any one under Captain you must have 50 IC posts mastering your Shikai State.
-After that you must have 100 IC posts before you can be up for Bankai training
-A Captain will set up for you
-You must complete three pages of posts containing at least 1000 words.
-To master the Bankai state you must reach 200 IC posts and a mastery test.
-Failing the mastery test means you must retrain for 50 more posts before taking the test again
-Failing the test three times and your shiki state will be sealed for 10 IC threads and you will be confined to the soul society.

Hollow Form:
-You need to have been a member of the site for at least 2 months
-Have at least 300 IC posts.
-And Train, ICly, for 6 pages with 1k words a posts.
-Only the top 4 Elites may obtain Hollow Form

Segunda Etapa:
[[The Tres Reyes will need to agree on the rules and Pm them to me]]

[[Kenta will PM me the rules]]

Any problems? PM me
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Training Rules
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