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 The Eye of Odin/Odin's Blessing

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PostSubject: The Eye of Odin/Odin's Blessing   Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:34 am

-General Info-

-Power's Name: The Eye of Odin/Odin's Blessing

-Family: Enhancement

-Type: Magic

-Medium: Isa's right eye.


-Release Phrase: "Bless me, God of Sacrifice."

-Power's Appearance: Isa's right eye will turn to a stormy grey, instead of its pallid color.

-Power's Ability: Odin's Blessing is an enhancement that does a few things, though they all follow a central theme. This theme is the gift of sight. She will now be able to see even better than she would have been able to had she had her normal eyes. The range of sight and perception of detail increases above an average level, also protecting her from visual illusions and showing her everything at a slightly slowed pace, allowing her to react much more quickly than an average person. The increase in perception allows her to make others believe that she is reading their minds, by using physical clues such as body language and tone of voice to guess at what they're thinking. Using this she can understand others very thoroughly, read through lies, guess at motives, and even gain information that others would think impossible to gather.


-Evolved Power-
[[Reserved for Elite Superhumans, unless it is trained for.]]

-Instance of Evolution:

-Evolution Appearance:

-Evolution Ability:

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The Eye of Odin/Odin's Blessing
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