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 The creatue within the head of Basileios. (Small edits in progress, Not currently ready for approval.)

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Aristotle Basileios


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PostSubject: The creatue within the head of Basileios. (Small edits in progress, Not currently ready for approval.)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 1:36 am

-General Info-

-Power's Name:
There really is no name that he calls this power. However, there is certainly an aspect to this power that might deserve one. The power has a voice, an inkling in Aristotle's mind that tells him to burn, to raze, to set aflame everything. He \had\ been remarkably good at ignoring it, but in the past twenty years it has apparently corrupted him. And now he returns to Karakura town, a different person.

-Family: Fire

-Type: Omni-type.


-Power's Appearance:

Aristotle can use his powers while unreleased, and thus can be said to have three stages of power, which i will refer to as "sealed", "shikai-level", and "bankai-level" respectively.

In his shikai-level form, several physical changes will overcome him. Feathers will grow along his forearms and his calves, dense black feathers, which will be found to be suprisingly hard if anyone tries to cut them, about as hard as a sword's steel.

However in both these places, feather's of a different color will form as well. On his arms, Around his wrist will sprout twelve dull red feathers, each roughly as long as his forearm, Although the one springing up on the outside of his wrist (The side that is on the same side of his hand as his pinky) will be much longer than the rest, nearly twice as long. These red feather's filaments are aligned so perfectly that they form a cutting edge on either side, and this alignment is near impossible to break. If someone were to feel his wrist they would feel elongated bumps, out of which these feathers sprout. These bumps are infact muscles, that work in much the same way as the muscles anchoring your hair. With a little trigger, They will pull the feathers into a forward position, meaning that instead of the points being towards his elbow, they are out from his fist. This allows them to be used as blades, as a little secret of the red feathers is that infact it is much harder than steel, And are infact about as strong as wurtzite boron nitride, a volcanic mineral that is 11.5% harder then pure diamond. Feather's similar to this form on his elbow, in a group of three on each elbow, each one short, only maybe 3 inches, and curved so as to lay flat against his elbow. Again with the simple flexing of a muscle he can cause them to stand up straight, allowing him to add a cutting edge to an elbow.

A similar feather forms upon his knee, This time in a group of four on each. One is long, nearly half the length of his calf, However it can only flip 135 degrees, Or about 3 quarters of the way to being flat against his thigh when his leg is straight. If his leg is bent it can become perfectly flush with his shin, acting as an extension of it. The other three feathers are arranged as such. One his perfectly ontop of the other, and the other two are about an inch to either side. These feathers are perfectly straight, and can flip 180 degrees, Going straight up. These feathers will be mostly used while his knee is going straight up, while the longer one will mostly be used for a more long range attack, as it's length makes it rather impractical for close quarters.

His wings, whislt before they were a soft orange color, are now turned a dark black color, with intermittent dull red feathers spread throughout, in roughly a pattern where every red feather is surrounded by six black feathers, making the concentration dense enough for the wings to be used as a shield for a good deal of attacks, Basically Shikai level attacks, Kido up to about 50, Weaker Espada's cero, and bala of all kinds.

In this form he also grows a tail, an extension of his spine. If someone saw him without his shirt, his entire spine would be coated in black feathers, however there is a hindrance to this, which will be discussed in the next paragraph. Back to his tail. It's about 4 feet long, with 6 inches at the end being completely bone. At it's emergence from his spine it is roughly 3 inches in diameter, tapering until it gets to about 2 inches in diameter at the end. The bone at the end is in the shape of a spike, with a 2 inch bladed tip. The entire length of his tail is covered in feathers, in about the same ratio as his wings, meaning it is able to be used as a shield as well, though to a lesser degree, because of it's smaller size. The bone tip is a bit denser than most of his bone, and has a slightly different structure, meaning that the tip is the strongest part of his tail, roughly 12% stronger than diamond.

Now, as for why the black feathers along his spine would be hidden. When he's released, a plumage of feathers grows from his head, all a dark black color, growing down to about halfway down his spine. This covers a good half of his back, and serves no real purpose.

-Power's Ability:
While sealed and released his powers are slightly different, so i will list his sealed abilities first.

He is a pyrokinetic basically, able to create and control fire at it's purest level, bending it's energy of light and heat to his will. Using it offensively and defensively, his entire fighting style is mostly centered around this, although he can still fight effectively without the ability, It's not quite as fun

While sealed the upper limit of temperature he can create is roughly 110 Degrees celcius, or just enough to boil water. However he can control fire in excess of 200 degrees celcius, but he can't spontaneously cause it to heat up to this point. In other words, he can set something on fire and use that to make hotter flames, but he can't cause them to appear magically.

However when he releases he can create fire of roughly 200 degrees spontaneously, and control nearly up to 300. Also if you remember from his character app, his internal temperature is at a constant of 41.3 Degrees celcius (or 107 Fahrenheit.) However in this stage it rises to 48.8 degrees celcius. (or 120 Fahrenheit.) This also causes his skin to rise up to about 45 degrees celcius. (or 113 Fahrenheit.) This makes him just a bit painful to touch.

As a peculiar note, he can also control heat and heatless fire both while sealed and in either of his releases. The heat he can create is roughly 25% less than the heat he could create with fire. The heatless fire is simply a diversionary tactic.

-Evolved Power-
[[Reserved for Elite Superhumans, unless it is trained for.]]

-Evolution Appearance:

-Evolution Ability:

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The creatue within the head of Basileios. (Small edits in progress, Not currently ready for approval.)
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