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 Shiva's Descendant

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PostSubject: Shiva's Descendant   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:21 pm

-General Info-

-Power's Name: Blessing of Shiva the Destroyer ((BoStD))

-Family: Reiatsu

-Type: Ranged/Melee

-Medium: The medium is his entire body, as the release is done through pulling energy in from around him and molding it into his weapon.


-Release Phrase: "Please the Gods, give them blood."

-Power's Appearance: The ability has no appearance, except for the slight warping of the air around the limbs.

-Power's Ability: This form of the ability allows Zaviar to create up to four arms out of spiritual energy. However, these limbs are invisible except for a slight warping of the air around them which could only be seen by the most perceptive of opponents. These limbs can move only five feet from his body, in a full circle around him. The limbs are capable of blocking any physical attack with the power of shikai and below, as well as weaker kido. However, kido about level fifty and cero will be able to break through the arms. The arms will move faster if guided by his hands.

-Techniques: N/A

-Evolved Power-
[[Reserved for Elite Superhumans, unless it is trained for.]]

[[This isn't unlocked yet, obviously, I just want it here for later]]

-Instance of Evolution: Not evolved yet

-Evolution Appearance: The ability has no appearance, except for the slight warping of the air around the swords.

-Evolution Ability: With this ability Zaviar can create up to twenty swords of spiritual energy. These swords have all of the same properties as his limbs, except that instead of just crushing and blocking, they can also stab and slash. If they are charged for two posts, glowing through the duration of the charge, they can also explode with the power of a cero. After all twenty blades disappear it takes him seven posts to reform them.

[[Note: The maximum speed of either ability is the maximum speed at which Delz would be able to move his own arm, or swing a sword]]

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PostSubject: Re: Shiva's Descendant   Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:27 pm

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Shiva's Descendant
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