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 six feet deep with out a shovel.

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PostSubject: six feet deep with out a shovel.   Mon Feb 22, 2010 11:07 pm

-General Info-

-Ressurecion Name: Lì wéi tǎn (Leviathan)

-Animal Representation: a 80 foot shark with massive teeth and fins four on each side with one massive one on the top. Its sand colored skin matches with the deep sands of any place such as beaches.

-Family: Earth

-Type: Ranged and meele

-Sealed Appearance: click

-Innate Ability:


-Release Phrase: Juéqǐ de shēncéng shā (Rise from the deep sands)

-Ressurecion Appearance: Izod does not change into anything like what others may turn into, instead his skin looks to have a sparkle to it as if its made of sand or diamond dust. As a passive effect Izods skin becomes harder and ruff like sand paper which can tear skin if punch and clothing.

-Ability: Izod gains the ability to move the earth through Terrakinesis, Izods control is so fine that he can control things as small as sand all the way to large slabs of rock and earth. Izod likes to use sand or crushed rock that forms a abrasive surface in which he can slowly grind apart those who he fights, but does not mind using larger rocks or slabs of earth to inflect larger amounts of damage while also taking away level footing and forcing them to fight unbalanced. Izods over all control allows him to levitate large rocks as a platforms to walk on also he can use small rocks as projectiles lunching them at a low speed but having greater mass to have effective stopping power, Izod can apply crushing force to rocks and sand to make diamonds but this still needs fine tuning.

Juggernaut state: Izod can for three posts run forward with out any earthly forces being able to stop him, getting hit while he is in this state run the risk of being badly hurt if not trampled to death.

-Segunda Etapa-
[[This is reserved for the Top 4 Espada, unless trained for.]]

-Segunda Etapa Name: Ruì pǔ tāmen fēnkāi de pòsuì lì (Rip them apart with crushing force)

-Segunda Etapa Appearance: Izod skin angled like a gem or diamond, much like smooth cuts in stone. The Skin in this state is much harder able to crack bone and chip metal. His mouth becomes wider and has sharp shark like teeth with nails as sharp as diamond

-Segunda Etapa Ability: Izod still has the same abilty as he did before but this time he combines his juggernaut state which no longer restricted to his forward movement, as long as Izod is on ground he can not be moved by any force other then himself. Izods control becomes such that he can draw sand or land from the bottom of the ocean even drawing the salt from sea water, at the highest state Izod can with unbroken focus raise massive land forms or make massive canyons but he can only do this if he is completely focus if its broken he has to start from the beginning.

-Techniques: Izod as no name for this, but it allows him to produce earthquakes for four posts increasing in power each post. If he is attacked or removed from the ground this becomes useless and he must start over.

1st post-2.5
2nd post-3.5
3rd post-5.9
4th post-8.0
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PostSubject: Re: six feet deep with out a shovel.   Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:02 am

This seems fine to me.

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six feet deep with out a shovel.
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