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 Viento Espada Canónigo

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PostSubject: Viento Espada Canónigo   Tue Feb 23, 2010 8:59 am

Name:Viento Espada Canónigo (Wind Sword Canon)

Effect: For 4 posts a green and blue cero charges. After it is charged, on the 4th post, a skinny beam is fired. An inch before it hits something with atleast a moderate pressure, it splits into 8 beams. Then, it stops in the direction it went in after 5-25 feet, which the shorter the distance the stronger. The beams charge into balls, spinning around to reform. This lasts one post to reform, leaving Nimbus able to distract his opponent. TH enext post, a giant Bastard Sword forms from the cero, as Nimbus sonido's, uses his released zanpaktou, and firing the piercing cero like an arrow. It can pierce anything but a strong hierro, zanpaktou, and it can at least crack the barrier in the rukongai. WHen Segunda Etapa is obtained, the arrow-like cero blade can crack zanpaktou, and pierce through strong hierro. In segunda it can only be used once as a last resort and for 2 topics ressurecion/segunda cannot be used.

Stage:Ressurecion and if obtained, Segunda Etapa.

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Viento Espada Canónigo
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