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 *Transfered* Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

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Salliavae Gran Vidos


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PostSubject: *Transfered* Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:59 am

-General Info-

-Ressurecion Name: Mariposa

-Animal Representation: Nightmare Moth

-Family: Nature

-Type: Kido

-Sealed Appearance:

-Innate Ability:*Changing my Innate*

Sal can create clones of herself that are made from the watery areas around her. Sal can create 10-4 clones maximum. The reason for this is because Sal has to pay a power penalty. When she chooses the path of ten Sal splits into 10 beings. Each ten beings hold 10 percent of Sal's base power levels and this includes Sal. When its the path of four Sal and her three clones have 25% of Sal's base power levels still including Sal. When a clone is destroyed the original Sal gains the full 25% or 10% of the clone. Each clone can use Sal's techs. but they are a tenth or a fourth in power than the normally are. The clones can be easily defeated for their defense is little to zero. Sal can split up only two times in a battle for it allows Sal to replenish her power and energy back to normal.

-Release Phrase: Aletear (flutter)

-Ressurecion Appearance:

-Ressurecion Description:
The inside of the wings is natural energy from the area around her converted into shiny pink reiatsu, and even though reiatsu normally has no actual substance in this case it does. Sal can fly fly with her wing by allowing reiatsu to flow through every edge of the wings and spiral in a super quick motion that propels Sal into the sky where she can fly perfectly with ease. The things that hang down from each end of her wings are Reactors, which draws in the reiatsu, changing it into Bala and it allows her to release a small amount for her attacks. The pink spikes are absorbers, that are constantly drawing in the natural energy from around her, letting her replenish her supply indefinitely. Her hands, though they look like complete blades, actually allow her fingers to be free. The wings are made of white bone that are about one and a quarter meters long, the absorbers are a center point on the wings, and they keep the reiatsu from escaping unnecessarily, the reactors allow her to use the reiatsu for attacks. The reiatsu is pink, purple, and blue-green.

Sal’s ability is to make it rain. Even in her initial release it will begin to drizzle a little, But in her full release it rains. And as the battle goes on the rain gets empowered, at ten posts its a bad tropical storm, at around fifteen posts it’s as much as a monsoon, and at twenty it’s pretty much a hurricane. When the rain gets stronger, those who are not Sal have their sight levels impaired. They are not blinded but they just cant see [Now if you think that's OP... then you have not been in bad rainstorms]. This is the basic effect of rain. When the rain is really bad outside the targets will be surrounded in grey-white mass.


Name: Silent Riptide
Offensive: Sal can manipulate the water to do a powerful offensive attack. By building up her reiatsu levels she can make the water into sharp solid blades that if the cut the target they inject a condensed watery fluid into the body of the target. The fluid acts as a molecular destabilizer. Depending on how powerful the rain is (look above^) the more fluids are injected. With each rain level that has increased the fluids become stronger. The fluids eat away at the soul based molecules in the target's body (yes this counts for super humans). After three post the target will soon weaken. The weakening is not much, just a measly 10% in strength and spiritual power loss.

Support: Just like above sal condenses the water into a solid blade and injects a target with the fluids. Though this time the target is healed. The stronger the rain, the stronger the healing. The healing process takes three posts. This tech. is basically a renew spell. It does not mend deep wounds until hurricane mode has been activated. For the other modes, the healing basically patches up minor wounds, eases pain, and refreshes the mind.
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 6 posts
Level: Res

Name: Watery Song, Dance of Eternal Rain
Offensive: The offensive part of this ability is mortifying. When Sal starts to dance she can manipulate the water in many ways. Sal can create compact orbs of hard water and shoot them at the enemy or she could create the water to be an extremely powerful defensive shield. Sal can manipulate the size and shape of anything in the water, as long as she is dancing. If the target is still enough Sal can create a ball around the target full of compressed water that can drown or crush the enemy. The weakness to this ability is that Sal can only harden one side so much before the other side becomes a thin balloon. An example would be the water prison, the inside of the orb is super compressed, but if someone were to say take a needle and poke the orb it would collapse. The heavier and stronger the rain is the stronger this attack is.

Support: This power is a powerful healing technique. Sal starts to do her water dance and create a hundred globules of water that float into the air. Each globule has healing powers and the way they heal is by their colors.

-Purple: Heals mental illness, illusions, and afflictions

-Blue: Heals deeper wounds than in silent riptide.

-Orange: Cures Sickness

Teal: Cures disease

Pink: Cures Viral Infections

Purple: Cures Bacterial Infections

The following colors are stimulus globules. They contain a variety of enhancements. None are permanent, just lasting. Each lasts until the end of the topic, unless its the semi-temporary rainbow globule.

Red: Increases physical strength.

Black: Increases mental capacity and though speeds.

Yellow: Increases Spiritual power.

Green: Increases spiritual strength.

Rainbow: Empower's special skills and abilities. This enhancement lasts for only 6 posts.
Duration: Until each side (enemy and ally) choose 2 globules.
Cooldown: Offensive: 5 posts Support: 10 posts

-Segunda Etapa-
[[This is reserved for the Top 4 Espada, unless trained for.]]

-Segunda Etapa Name: Not Yet Acquired

-Segunda Etapa Appearance: Not Yet Acquired

-Segunda Etapa Ability: Not Yet Acquired


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Salliavae Gran Vidos


Posts : 22
Join date : 2009-10-16
Age : 22
Location : were you least expect it...

PostSubject: Re: *Transfered* Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!   Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:45 am

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*Transfered* Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!
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