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 Garganta Conmoción

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El Viajero


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PostSubject: Garganta Conmoción   Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:49 am

-General Info-

-Power Name: Garganta Conmoción

-Family: Sound/Concussive forces

-Type: Ranged/Melee/Projectile
-Theme: N/A


-Appearance: The Ability is used through the organic speakers on his body. El Viajero has one on every major working muscle group and joint used for combat.

-Power: El Viajero can project large concussive blasts from any of the organic speakers on his body. This ability is based around sound and air pressure and has the strengths and weakness's of such physical waves. The speakers on his body also allow for him to easily move the speed of sound or pass right by it, but moving that fast more than a handful of times in a battle puts unneeded strain on the body. Not many opponents can actually go that fast however even with sonido's or flash-steps. El Viajero also has clawed finger-tips that are very resistant to breaking and just about any kind of damage; when they cut someone they release micro-vibration's through the wound breaking it down on the cellular level causing it to grow larger than the cut actually was and the wound wont clot.

The sonic blasts that El Viajero releases causes the inner ear to pop and bones to break if hit by it within thirty meters, the blasts effectiveness changes the further you get away and disappates after thirty yards into nothing. The attacks themselves look similar to watery energy blasts and are only about a foot across, but they still hold the same capabilities of sound. El Viajero can also use the vibrations of the sound to move himself through thin solid objects, but can only hold the intangibility for a short time so is usless against large amounts of earthen attacks or such things.

- Skill specialty : Instant Garganta opening

-Advanced Ability-

[[Reserved for elites]]

-Appearance: A small to large black garganta. Besides that El Viajero's appearance doesn't really change only his attacks and abilities. The gargantas can also be torn open with a swing of his arm.

-Advanced specialty: The Advanced level of Garganta that El Viajero uses is similar to a black hole. It can suck directly aggressive attacks like cero's and kido within it, but not things such a bankai's ultimate attack. El Viajero can also use it to quickly escape almost any situation gone wrong instantly. ( 1 post use, 3 post lingering period if no attacks are sucked in, and 4 post cooldown)

-Combined ability: Using the garganta as a medium El Viajero can harness echo's of darkness from the realm between the worlds. These sound waves are around four times stronger than his basic blasts of sound. He harnesses this by opening a small double sided garganta infront of one of his speakers and firing a concussive blast into it and it exits out the other side. When the blast hits someone or something it is equivalent to having a artillery shell hitting you dead in the chest, point blank. El Viajero can also propell himself with the Dark Echo's, making himself go twice the speed of sound but this is a dangerous technique. ( 1 post use, 4 post cooldown)


Name: Calling Echo
Ability: Screaming a call into the air El Viajero can summon 3-6 menos level hollows to his position. This has its limit as he can only summon 6 menos grande or 3 adjuchas or a mixture imbetween. he can only summon another Vasto-lorde to help him and they can choose not to listen. (The Vasto-Lorde would have to be player controlled)
Duration: Until the summoned hollows are dead
Cooldown: 10 posts
Level: medium?

Name: Expelling Shove
Ability: When a vice-captain level attack is coming at El Viajero he can deflect it with a outward circular blast of pressure.
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 posts
Level: weaker

Name: Slicing sound
Ability: Increasing the the level of his claws vibration, El Viajero slashes the air and sends out a five cutting lines about three feet long at his opponents. These slashing blades of vibrating frequencies can cut through almost anything but they are the slowest attack in El Viajero's arsenal. They are very visible as they are glowing dark blue and make a loud buzzing noise when fired.
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 6 posts
Level: Advanced
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Garganta Conmoción
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