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 Water God From Earth

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Sage Gellemaru


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PostSubject: Water God From Earth   Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:19 am

-Power's Name: Element Posiedon

-Family: Water

-Type: All of the above.

-Medium: Water

-Release Phrase: What ever the water spell or move is ( example: ICE ARMOR is frozen water used as aromor)

-Power's Appearance: No not at all unless use water body attacks and defences.

-Power's Ability: To control water


Name: Water Shield
Ability: To sheild Sage with water
Duration: as long until broken
Cooldown: ONly when water is around
Level: Regular

Name: Water Control
Ability: To control Water
Duration: As long as there is water
Cooldown: When no water is in the area.
Level: Elite

Name: Ice Weaponry and Defence
Ability: To turn water into ice and use it to atack or defend.
Duration: Untill breaks
Cooldown: When water is not around
Level: Elite
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Water God From Earth
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