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 Cellulite Transpondincy Barrier Shots

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Salliavae Gran Vidos


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PostSubject: Cellulite Transpondincy Barrier Shots   Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:27 am

Name: Cellulite Transpondincy Barrier Shots

Type: Defensive

Topic of Invention:

Effect: Cellulite Transpondincy Barrier Shots are a powerful new defensive invention that Lady Salliavae invented. It is made of cerebral cortex fluids (liquids from a section in the brain), nanomites, blood mixture of a pure shinigami and a hollow, and many other miscellaneous ingredients. There are a few things that these shots do, but some have consequences. There are two ways you can go with these shots; inject them into the ground or into body. *Showing ground first* Depending on how many shots are placed into the ground shows the many varying shields. If one single shot was thrown into the ground, then the weakest shield would be formed. The shield would be able to protect the closest person from either one stronger open blade or res attacks or multiple sealed blade attacks. With two shots the shield is much more durable than the previous shield. It can survive 2 major hits and many weaker hits or one shikai level ability. With three the shield is way more improved; it can survive through 4 major attacks and weak sealed blades cannot scratch the shield or it can survive two shikai attacks. With all four shield injections up, the shield is at its best. The ultimate shield can block any attack for a limited amount of time. *Shield Timers* Shield 1 = counter to an attack (1 post), Shield 2 = 3 posts, Shield 3 = 4 posts, and Shield 4 = 2 posts.

The self injections are the more deadly of shot usages. It is destructive to the body of those that it is used on, but grants limited invincibility and such. When the user injects him/herself with the syringe, they gain an invisible plating over their skin and enhanced physical strength. The plating can withstand two shikai attacks if they are physical or melee based. If the attack is kido based, then the attack will reflect back to the user of the kido based shikai attack. As said physical strength is increased; after it wears off, the target will loose all of his/her remaining stamina and collapse unconscious. The second syringe addon is a little stronger; 4 shikai, and 2 kido. This time the bonus is mental and spiritual improvement, but the wearing off would equal mental and spiritual fatigue; no usage of kido, cero, or special skills. The third is +1 on everything now, but the improvement is speed and as you guessed it; the defect is loss of movement. The fourth is extremely special. The plating absorbs three attacks and once the attacks are through; the shield becomes a bomb. With the absorption of half of the user's soul and the attacks, the bomb is made. The power of the bomb is enigmatic. It can decimate the whole entire (about 20 yards) area. The debuff is self-inflicted coma. The user has to make a 300 word topic every day for a whole 5 day week, or else death to the user is inevitable.

Each shield lasts until it gets attacked by the shikai melee/physical attack or kido attacks.

Buff 1: 8 posts
de-Buff 1: 5 posts

Buff 2: 9 posts
de-Buff 2: 6 posts

Buff 3: 10 posts
de-Buff 3: 7 posts

Amount/: 4 at a time (has to be used completely)

Supply/: 12
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Cellulite Transpondincy Barrier Shots
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