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 Agua Profunda

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PostSubject: Agua Profunda   Tue May 25, 2010 2:48 pm

-General Info-

-Ressurecion Name: Agua Profunda

-Animal Representation: Crocodile

-Family: Water

-Type: Melee

-Sealed Appearance: A large bowie knife that has a chipped and jagged blade. Overall length is around 18 inches, give or take a few. The knife is kept in a sheath strapped to his shoulder. The length of the blade is around 10-12 inches, and the rest is the handle. The handle is made out of the jaw bone of a crocodile. And the jagged edge of the blood stained steel blade almost make out to be a representation of teeth.

-Innate Ability: pantano de las tripas: A large amount of murky water(enough to fill an average swamp, so several thousand gallons) infused with spiritual energy bursts forth from Tsu’s mouth that spreads out and covers the area which he is currently standing in. This water is what could be considered unclean in most places around the world but normally is referenced to as swamp water because of its total brown coloration. Due to this coloring it would take someone having the ability to close their eyes and still look out in order to even have a chance navigating through this filth so being pulled in or jumping in and going under water is almost like a blindness effect but not entirely. The water has a definite scent that would make it easy for anyone splashed with it a simple to track and if it is ingested then like normal swamp water you have the chance of becoming ill, though that in itself is not part of the ability. To move around in this water Tsu has a type of sonar that he makes by detecting other pressures in the water that are mixed in with his own.


-Release Phrase: rise from the depths and take their existences, Agua Profunda

-Ressurecion Appearance: The mask fragments on his face grow outward and lengthen until they represent the jaws of a crocodile, then the rest of his skull morphs to represent the creature. As well as this the rest of his body, to a point. He is covered in scales made of a hard black and green substance which is similar to emerald and onyx in appearance but has the hardness of diamonds. A tail protrudes from his rear, in addition his fingers and toes grow and sharpen themselves into razor-like claws. While all of this is happening his entire body is growing in overall size until he would match that of a fully grown prehistoric croc(about 30-40 feet long from snout to tail).

-Ability: by surfacing for a moment and opening his mouth, Tsu has the ability to release a toxic cloud of fog. This fog attacks the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Causing a severe pain in the blood streams and heart and making things like sight and reaction less than they normally are. Sight is reduced the point that in the center of the cloud blindness is so bad that not only is blindness in effect but the toxins from the fog start to do damage to the eyes, breaking them down and using the matter to create more toxins. Reaction time is slowed by the vapor of the cloud entering into the body, they make their way into the blood stream and then onto the brain to cause chemical imbalances, the same methods are used to bypass the brain and head straight for the heart. Attacking the heart with these vapors can cause a pain sensation similar to a heart attack but it reality it does little but make the person feel terrible pain. This cloud is a thick white color and nearly impossible to see through, though it is infused with his spiritual pressure so he can get a general idea of where his opponent is but they would sense him everywhere in the surrounding area, unable to make a pinpoint location on where he is. People are able to repel the fog so that they are untouched by it themselves by exerting an extremely high amount of spiritual energy but they are not able to simply blow it away.


NameEffect Duration Cool Down
estrellarse onda Several powerful waves(up to three) emerge from the swamp(each wave can be anywhere fromo 10 to 30 feet tall) and are under Tsuneo’s control. These waves vary in size and have multiple uses, like being thrust in a direction for a slam attack or even a quick transport for himself.4 turns 6 turns
crecimiento gigante Tsu grows in size until he has nearly triple in overall length, that would be about 100-120 feet. In addition to size strength is raised to a proportional level. 5 turns 6 turns
Agua Gemelas a perfect clone of Tsu is created from the water around him and is under his control to do with it as he wishes. If the clone is destroyed before the time runs out then the tech ends early. These clones have all the powers Tsu normally has but not as up to scale with the power of the original, they are slightly easier to kill then the original Tsu in the idea that they are under his control so they are unable to think for themselves and certain things like reaction time is decreased to a certain degree. 5 turns 7 turns

((( all listed techs are initial level )))
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Agua Profunda
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