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 teddy [[[ wip ]]]

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PostSubject: teddy [[[ wip ]]]   Wed May 26, 2010 3:01 pm

-General Info-

-Doll Name: chert nesut ((( devil bear )))

-Family: Shadow/Dark

-Type: Melee

A teddy bear that appears to have just moments ago crawled free from the deepest pits of hell and that it may just spring to life and kill you at any given moment. For other appearance specifics see the picture in the below spoiler tag.

-Core Form: While I core form the doll takes on the shape of a cleaver knife. This cleaver’s blade is permanently stained with crusted on blood and is about 1.5 times the size of Gabbi herself. This knife can be compared to be very similar to the blade used by pyramid head in Silent Hill.


-Release Phrase: Let’s Play

-Doll Appearance: A tall muscular man that wears a large cloth around the lower half of his body and thick iron cased boots. In addition there is a large triangular fixture encasing his head and blood stains all over his body, the last thing needed to be mentioned here is the gigantic cleaver knife that he drags around.


-Doll Ability: chert nesut can produce a field that engulfs whatever he is near, for example if he is in a house then the entire house is covered or if in an office building then the whole building if affected. If outside then the field covers an area from where activation is and spans out around fifty feet in all directions in a hazy cloud like structure. While inside this field only chert nesut and Gabbi have the ability to see clearly, others have their vision reduced to about 10% and see things as being hazy shadows until they are directly next to it.



[[Reserved for Elite Bountos, unless it is trained for.]]

-Fusion Appearance:

-Fusion Ability:


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teddy [[[ wip ]]]
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