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Enter the world of the Living and the Dead. Join the Shinigami and help to decide the fate of the Soul Society; or join the others and rebuild your race.
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 Plot #1

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PostSubject: Plot #1   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:22 am

The Soul Society stands without a leader. Their great and wise Captain Commander has fallen to the one thing that no man can overcome, time. He grew feeble, and unable to preform his duties, and retired his position to the one most competent. However, there are two Shinigami who think themselves the most deserving leaders. They have done battle several times in the hopes that they could decide a leader, but each time something got in their way. Now the Soul Society has split themselves down the middle, each faction's leader claiming to be the rightful Captain Commander. Second, Ninth, Eleventh, and Twelfth take one side, under the leadership of the Twelfth Division Captain. Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, Fifth, Eighth, and Thirteenth have formed their own faction, led by the Captain of the Sixth. The first division, left Captainless, acts as a neutral party. The Onmitsukidō follow the Second division, as always, while the Kidō Corps have seen fit to follow the Sixth Division's Captain. In a desperate attempt to even the odds, the Twelfth division has brought back two former programs once banned by the Soul Society, bringing about a new force of Mod Souls and Bounto.

Civil war isn't the only thing that the Shinigami have to worry about, however. While they argue about leadership, the Arrancar Army grows slowly. They have begun to creep out of their hole in the sand, reforming the massive force that they once had. They sit and stew, growing in power and numbers every minute. As they grow in number and power, they have also begun to retake their homeland, Hueco Mundo, dominating the plane with surprising speed. Just like the Arrancar, the other races lie in wait, not doing anything particularly exciting. However, they too are growing in power and numbers, regaining a foothold in the world.

Even the Superhumans have begun to reappear, thanks to the increased number of hollows and other high-level spiritual energy flooding into the world of the living. Under the guidance of the most powerful of each living race, the factions have gathered together to create the Council of Living Souls.

However, one final race remains undiscussed. The Vizards, a hybrid race born of both Shinigami and Hollow essence. They have scattered themselves throughout the world, without any recognizable plans or pattern to it. It seems that they have become unorganized, and leaderless.
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Plot #1
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