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 Vitiate - Credo del Dio

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PostSubject: Vitiate - Credo del Dio   Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:45 am

-General Info-

Ressurecion Name: Credo del Dio (Spanish for Faith in God; lit. "Faith of God")

Animal Representation: Not an animal; Crusader Knight / Teutonic Knight of the Crusades etc.

Family: Light / Holy

Type: Melee / Defensive

Sealed Appearance: Credo looks like a blade with no guard whatsoever in its sealed form. The handle is white and looks to be crafted of bone or whatever hollow masks are crafted from and is quite strong, not as fragile as the 'mask material'. The blade itself from the base at the hilt is white and gradually gets more and more blue looking like clouds against a blue sky when the blade is viewed from the side. (See Character Profile - Link)

Innate Ability:

[Skipped for now; may make one later...]


Release Phrase: "Embelesan con nos Credo del Dio!" (Spanish for "Rapture them with our faith in God") [...I think]

Ressurecion Appearance: Once released, the weapon covers Vitiate's entire body in solid armor. This armor is a representation of his hollow form and thus reforms his mask which is the helmet of the armor. Many have said that in this form Vitiate looks more like a "Vasto Lorde" than a "Adjuchas" level hollow based on appearances alone. This is a probable point to his 'potential' to rise to the status of Vasto Lorde despite being an arrancar and 'sealing' his hollow abilities. The armor itself is a colorful patchwork-like collage of reds and blues along with the silver 'bone like' pieces which form the various pieces of the guards (the grieves, gauntlets, helmet etc.). Despite it's look, the armor allows for agility and maneuverability while still maintaining a powerful defense.


En nome de Padre, et Filis, et Spirtus Sancti - AMEN!: Based on the words said at the end of prayer, this ability allows Vitiate to return to his arrancar form without needing to re-undergo the arrancar process of ripping off his mask and re-sealing his power in a zanpakutou after releasing his resurrection. As a result, he can release his resurrection form without consequence. This can only be used once per thread / day.


Name: Vicio Cero (My Unmoral Zero)
Ability: When a projectile (such as cero or a kidou) would hit the armor, instead the armor reflects the attack back toward the caster adding on the power of a cero into whatever was cast thus making it that much stronger. [Auto-Effect]
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts
Level: ??

Name: [???]
Ability: [Open]
Duration: --
Cooldown: --
Level: ??
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Reikon Hanpa


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PostSubject: Re: Vitiate - Credo del Dio   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:18 pm

Your images don't seem to want to show up here, but besides that it looks good.
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Vitiate - Credo del Dio
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