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 Asesino De Demonios.

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Sansuka Setsune

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PostSubject: Asesino De Demonios.    Sun Jul 04, 2010 5:30 am

-General Info-

-Ressurecion Name:
Asesino De Demonios.

-Animal Representation:

chemical? o.o


-Sealed Appearance:
The sealed is simple. Nothing much to it really. It was believed that extravagance came at a cost of being useful. So, in short the blade is a standard look. It is a black blade and the handle is merely the other end of the blade wrapped in a cloth that allows for the proper use. The saya seems somewhat old but still in fairly good condition. It too is black but it has a silver tip to it. there is on the blade a specially made tsuba. It was made by indenting that blade a certain way so that it fits snug into the saya. Added to that is a war hammer that connects to it by a chain made of the same stuff as the blade is. Hard to break by most means. if it does however, it does not mean the ress is destroyed.

-Innate Ability:
At any time, he may spawn up to ten tentacles from his back. These channel a liquid that comes from the tips and exit them. These tentacles can grow up to 50 feet. The liquid is very important as it holds a chemical that, on command of mind or word, will explode. Half a liter is equivalent to one stick of TNT.


-Release Phrase:

-Ressurecion Appearance:
He stands at a full 400 stories tall. From his back he grows 30 tentacles from his back, five from his mouth, five from his genital area and five from his chest. Each have the capacity to release a total of ten gallons of this fluid.

He looks like a large golden dragon. it's wingspan is at least 50 stories long. His body it's self is 400 stories from nose to tip of his tail, body straight. This includes the bumps and curves so straight it's more like 450 stories. From his mouth comes most of his reaitsu based attacks. Also, his tentacles are but different from each point.

From this point they are the largest. Being able to double their size in order to gab large beings, they are usually anywhere from the size of a normal human to the size of a mac truck at least.

these are thinner than the rest as they are used to ensnare his opponents and make the absorption process a bit easier. This is one of two ways for him to absorb.

These vary but are mostly the same size as the mouth, being the part to absorb at the chest cavity and thus a straight shot.

These are like the mouth and are smaller than even those. they are less the size than a human. They can grow to the size that the back one's can however, it's not likely they will.

This is simple. The ability that on command, any of his chemical that he excretes from his tentacles can be exploded. This is the equivalent to one stick of TNT for every half a liter of liquid. This liquid is not highly flammable and inside of the tentacles it's protected. The fluid is released on command of the mind as is the explosion. With the command "Semen" it will release, and with the command "clímax" It will explode.
This is restricted a lot to allow some things. He can only regenerate his tentacles and that takes two posts. next is that he can regenerate light wounds like skin wounds with in one post. next is medium wounds are repaired in about 4 posts. Severe Will regenerate in 6 posts and severed limbs outside of tentacles will re-spawn in 8 posts.


-Segunda Etapa-
[[This is reserved for the Top 4 Espada, unless trained for.]]

-Segunda Etapa Name:
Demon pene del infierno
-Segunda Etapa Appearance:
it's the same however,he grows a five more tentacles as well as repairs his old ones if chopped off.
-Segunda Etapa Ability:
It's the same as his regular ress however, he will be able to heal his tentacles with in one post. taking on a regen of his tentacles only.



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Asesino De Demonios.
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