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 Kuroden's ressurection

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PostSubject: Kuroden's ressurection   Sun Jul 04, 2010 9:19 am

-General Info-

-Ressurecion Name:
Demon pene

-Animal Representation:
Uhh....Vampire Bat?


-Sealed Appearance:
The sealed is simple. Nothing much to it really. It is a large double sided steel hammer that after years of use has changed colors upon the head.The hilt is made of the same material but coated in rubber so that it is easy to be gripped. Kuroden handles it with such ease that it looks wieghtless, but for anyone else it would be too heavy to lift.

-Innate Ability: this hammer has teh ability to crush any bone that it touches. It must touch direct skin to break the bone and the only thing that is strong enough to resist is teh hierro of an elite arrancar.


-Release Phrase:
"Take all of what's left of them, Ikou tou"

-Ressurecion Appearance:
With his ress he is completly revamped. His skin changes from an incredibly pale white to grey. Two large black wings protrude his back and out of his head horns come put. Above his wings two large upcurved spikes come out that can be used for stabbing or blocking. Spikes also come from his shoulders. they are smalled, but serve as protection and can stab into someone if used correctly. A special fitting black armor covers his forearms and hands along with his legs serving as pants.His new weapon is made of pure concentrated reitsu and is shaped oddly. The blue and purple color of it is both beautiful and deadly.

Enhancements:physical powers and speed
Resurrección Special Ability:in resurreccion, if Kur hits his opponent with his blade the opponenets reaitsu will go into the blade making it his own. The power can take all forms of reaitsu. if to much power is taken into the blade, Kur can shoot it out in one powerful blow or take it as his own power to make himself stronger.Upon Resurrecccion, Kuroden's blade gains the attribute of a Reiatsu leech. Upon direct contact with his opponents flesh he may absorb a percentage of their reiatsu (4-5%) in order to launch it back towards them as an arching slash. If chosen to keep the energy within himself, he may strengthen his bodys capacity to take damage of his physical strength for up to 3 posts

Ultimate Ability:Echoing Infinity~
Upon activation Kuroden's pure reiatsu weapon will dissipate and be absorbed into his very flesh. Upon doing this his Grey scale skin will take on an almost blue rune like pattern over it, essentially turning him into a blade, every action causing a huge amount of spiritual pressure to strike down upon his opponent, even if a swing of his fist is dodged, the very shockwave of the strike could still strike out upon the opponents flesh like razor blades.

power drain reflect
When using this attack, kur will take the power of an opponents attack that is reaitsu based and take it in his blade. He will then shoot the attack back at the opponent even stronger. (think of Nel's cero double) 1 post and a 3 post cool down.
Upon readying his blade, Kuroden will begin to suck in energy from all around him, in much the same manner as a Quincy. "Kurdoen is able to absorb Kidou based skills such as Spells and elemental attacks from Zanpakutou that not physical. The level highest he can absorb in Kidou Spell is 75 for Way of Binding and Way of Destruction. Other elemental attacks from Zanpakutou will be distrubuted normally through the ability unless otherwise by the damaging power. Anything below that strength will be absorbed in his blade and then released outwards in a torrential blade of energy encompassing a field of 16x16 meters in diameter. If the energy is kept with his blade it's cutting power is then amplified by 3x for the duration of 4 posts.
Post Durations:
1 post- When fired out as an energy blast
4 Posts- when kept within the axe
Cooldown: 5 posts
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Kuroden's ressurection
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