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Enter the world of the Living and the Dead. Join the Shinigami and help to decide the fate of the Soul Society; or join the others and rebuild your race.
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    Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:53 am
    Message by Reikon Hanpa

    General Information:

    -Full Name: ((First and last, in either order.

    -Nicknames/Aliases/Titles: ((Example of a title would be Kenpachi or Goddess of Flash))

    -Noteable Family: ((Other characters you are related to, etc.))

    -Loyalties: ((Arrancar to the Arrancar army, Shinigami to the Soul Society, etc.))

    -Actual Age

    -Appearance: ((Written paragraph is required, picture is optional. Obviously you won't write as much if you have a picture, but remember that pictures are just references, you still need a full description of your character. Not just a picture or "Same as picture except eyes are blue".))

    -Preferred Wardrobe: ((What your character wears most, if not all of the time.))



    -Physical Age:

    Race Specific Information:

    -Serial number: ((Seven random numbers, ex. 1837595))

    -Status: ((Basically are you allowed to move on your own, status being independent, or are you confined to the lab still/do you need orders to be able to go anywhere, status being limited.))

    Character/Player Bio:

    -Personality: ((This should be at least a full paragraph or two. Include things like likes, dislikes, hobbies, fears, ambitions, how they react to the different sexes, etc.))


    -History: ((Please make this as detailed as possible, especially if you're going for an elite rank.))

    -Roleplay Samples: ((A fresh one is preferable, but you can also use a link to an old topic or just copy-paste a sample into here if you'd rather.))
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    Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:33 am
    Message by Null - Potential for abuse
    Quote :
    Im going to make every second you are on this forum a living hell . You made a wrong enemy , asshole .

    That's the message I got from him after Hiruma banned me from the chatbox. It seems he has a high temper problem and I have a witness to the illogical chatbox banning of his. I like your forum and all, but the way he made it seem showed a deep threat. I've known Hiruma in a previous forum with him that he is quite immature and has a temper problem, hence he was banned from a previous forum because of that, regardless, that kind of message sends the wrong vibe. Especially to a new comer like me.

    Also he even threatened another G-mod by bannage if he unbanned me. So all in all, he has abused his powers in just about everyway, and I believe he might vandalize my sheets and deny it out of biased reasoning. Please, can you fix this problem? I want my forum experience to be quite the pleasant one rather than be rummaged by this person with a short gas casket.

    P.S: He once again banned me from the chatbox and threatened any g-mods who unbans me with a ban from the forum.
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