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 Kara-Do Raikou[Finished]

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Mr. Cartamuanda
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PostSubject: Kara-Do Raikou[Finished]   Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:33 pm

-General Info-

-Power's Name: Kara-Do Raikou

-Family: Inhanced Lightning

-Main Type: Balanced Unknown(Means it is balanced in all forms)
-Sub-Type: Constant-Release

A simple Katana that is sheathed on his left hip at all times.


-Release Phrase:

-Power's Appearance:
::Layle's hair gets highlights of the color of lightning he is using. Also, his eye color changes to that color of lightning he is using. Both his normal eye color and hair color are Black as Night. So, when he uses black lightning his eyes go white with black tribal marks in them. His hair also go white, and gets black highlights.::

-Power's Ability:
::Basically, Layle controls massive amounts of Lightning. His body puts out a high level of Lightning. It comes in many colors. Each color different strenght. The colors go from Blue to White to Black to Dark Purple to Bloodred. Yet, the Dark Purple and Bloodred can't be actived until Evolved form is actived.::

-Evolved Power-
WIll do later

-Evolution Appearance:
None Explained above

-Evolution Ability:
::Along with the above Abilities, Layle gains complete control overhis lightniog and gains access to Dark Purple and Bloodred Lightning. The Lightning gave him explain traits like Increased Speed, Agility, Reaction time, and Etc. Along with a small Healing ability. ::

Raikou Ba-suto [Meaning Lightning Burst]
Layle focuses lightning around his body giving off a bright light. Then, simply like a shunpo. He moves at high speeds. This is faster then a normal shunpo. It is simply his form of it. When he moves a bright flash and a crack, like lightning, appears where he was, and when he stops a sound of thunder is heard. Like normal lightning and thunder. Lightning comes first, then Thunder. So, the ability basically allows him to move at a little faster then shunpo speed with a birght flash and crack at the start and when he stops thunder can be heard.
Cooldown: 2 posts(If a cooldown is needed. I jsut put itto keep myself from dodging everything.XD))

Raikou Bakuha [Meaning Lightning Blast] or Raikou Dangan [Meaning Lightning Shot]
This ability can be fired two ways. First way is focusing lightning to the fingertip. Then, firing basically a lightning bolt from the fingertips. The second way, is gathering alot of lightning in the palm of his hand. Then, firing it like a blast from the palm.

First Way: It is very accurate and fast attack. What is lacks in power if gains in speed and accuracy.[Cooldown: 3 posts]
Second way: More of a power attack. It is still kinda fat, but not as fast as the first way. What is lacks in speed it gains in power.[Cooldown: 7 posts]

Raikou Sukin[ Meaning Lightning Skin]
Layle focuses lightning to the top layer of his skin, and it become charged. The color of lightning makes it stronger or weaker. The point of this is to paralyze the part of the body hit by the fists or the part of the body that touchs Layle's body. The body part is paralyzed for two posts at his level right now.(If he gains Evolved form. It will be doubled) [Cooldown: 3 posts]
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Kenta Talia
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PostSubject: Re: Kara-Do Raikou[Finished]   Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:31 pm


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Kara-Do Raikou[Finished]
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